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Introductory Remarks a LULAC

President Cruz Reynoso delivered the introductory remarks at LULAC (League of Latin American Citizens) sponsored student and community meeting entitled “Realizing the Dream: Immigration Reform in 2013.”  . Reynoso summarized the current status of Congressional hearings but he stressed the background to the current debate.  President Carter appointed Reynoso to the Commission on Immigration and [...]

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Reynoso at UC Riverside

REYNOSO AT UC RIVERSIDE; SPEAKS AT SCHOLARSHIP DINNER On Friday May 10, 2013 Cruz Reynoso, president of the Mario G. Obledo National Coalition of Hispanic Organization (NCHO) was invited to the University of California to meet with students, including a luncheon with Latino students, participating in a class dealing with the Second Amendment, and attending [...]

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Viewpoints By Cruz Reynoso

Viewpoints: Discretion should rule in immigration cases By Cruz Reynoso  Special to The Bee Published: Friday, Sep. 21, 2012 - 12:00 am | Page 17A When I hear about injustices like the near-deportation of the "tamale lady," my heart sinks. I'm relieved common sense eventually prevailed in her case, but sadly, many more immigrant Californians [...]

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