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Reynoso at UC Riverside


On Friday May 10, 2013 Cruz Reynoso, president of the Mario G. Obledo National Coalition of Hispanic Organization (NCHO) was invited to the University of California to meet with students, including a luncheon with Latino students, participating in a class dealing with the Second Amendment, and attending a showing of the film “Cruz Reynoso, Sowing the Seeds of Justice” at a community session sponsored by UC Riverside.   Reynoso participated in an extensive question and answer program after the showing.  During the meeting with the Chicano students the conversation turned to the importance of Latinos attending graduate schools.  Only about three percent of Latinos who earn of BA go on to graduate school.

The next evening Reynoso was the Keynote Speaker at a dinner sponsored  by the Inland Empire Scholarship Fund.  Over 100 Latino students attending community colleges, San Bernardino State College, some private colleges, and UC Riverside received scholarships.  I believe that effort has helped make UC Riverside the most ethnically diverse campus of the UC system.  Two energetic folk have spear headed this effort, a retired dentist and her husband, a retired engineer.  They have helped raise over $2,000,000 since the organization was form ten or twelve years ago.  Over 750 persons attended the dinner.

On a different note, during the day Reynoso attended a “Reynoso Day” sponsored by Fullerton Community College in celebration of its 100th anniversary since its founding.  It is one of the first community colleges established in California.   Reynoso received his AA degree from Fullerton a few years ago (1951) and served as Student Body president.  An extensive historic display was prepared for the Fullerton Museum which includes, as a small part, a video and display of Reynoso.

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